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Spring Park Capital invests in renewable energy installations in the UK.  Typically, we acquire portfolios of companies generating power from solar, onshore wind and anaerobic digestion plants.
Formed in 2014 by investment professionals with power and renewables expertise, we have focussed on the opportunity to acquire companies being sold by managers of tax advantaged EIS and VCT funds. 
Spring Park Capital
Jeremy, the founder of Spring Park Capital was previously head of Renewable Energy EIS at Ingenious Clean Energy where, as lead Fund Manager for three funds, he raised over £80m in equity from retail investors and acquired £150m of renewable energy assets.
Jeremy has a been involved in the renewable energy sector for 5 years specialising in the acquisition of operating assets particularly in Solar, Wind and Anaerobic Digestion.
In addition, Jeremy has a 20 year general investment professional career mainly in private company financings with Quester, Matrix and Ingenious.  Jeremy has a particular expertise in tax advantaged funds (VCT, EIS and BPR) which, as a result, are particularly well understood by Spring Park Capital.  

Spring Park Capital adopts a pragmatic approach to the business of buying and financing renewable energy installations and we are straight forward to deal with.

Jeremy Milne 

Founder Partner, Spring Park Capital


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