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Spring Park Capital announces major exit

Spring Park Capital (“Spring Park”) has sold SPC Acquisitions (“SPCA”) to Foresight Group for an undisclosed value.

SPCA raised £27.5m in a Senior Secured RPI-linked bilateral loan in July 2016. In August 2015 SPCA was set up to acquire 2366 residential solar installations comprising 6.7MW from Oxford Capital Partners

Spring Park is acquiring operating renewable energy installations being sold by EIS and VCT investors, restructuring and refinancing using long term non-recourse project finance debt to boost equity returns.

Jeremy Milne, Founding Partner at Spring Park, said, “This exit cements Spring Park’s reputation in the market as a buyer of high quality assets that are attractive to both debt and equity investors and provide long term stable index linked returns”

Richard Thompson, Investment Director at Foresight Group, “We are very pleased to conclude this acquisition of SPCA which provides a further 6.7MW of capacity to our growing residential rooftop PV portfolio. This transaction demonstrates our ability to source high quality investments generating long term index linked returns for our investors”

Capital for the transaction was supplied by a Foresight ITS company.

Spring Park was advised by Burges Salmon and Mazars Infrastructure Finance

Foresight Group were advised by Osborne Clarke, DNVGL, Everoze and Mazars

For further information contact: Jeremy Milne

Tel: +44 7775 530468


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